Koopman Pigeons Breeding Loft 
Welcome to the site of the Koopman pigeons breeding loft. The Koopman breeding has only one attractive and that is: Breed pure Gerard Koopman pigeons.
Any Koopman pigeon fancier around the word can contact us.

Goals breeding center
Our breeding center is occupied by pure Koopman pigeons. Some pigeons we buy directly from the master himself and some birds have purchased from top players and famous second houses of Gerard Koopman. Because of this, we now have more than 80 direct and pure Koopman pigeons. We also have partnerships with owners of direct Koopman pigeons.
Through this collaboration we have a huge potential breeding capicity so we can keep prices low without that degrades the quality of the pigeons.

Pure Koopman pigeons at Low Prices
The pure Koopman pigeon is well kown for his good performance and his fantastic inheritance qualities. That is why they are highly wanted and expensive pigeon. Fanciers in the Far East pays astronomical amounts for pure and direct pigeons from Koopman. For the ordinary fancier is a purely Koopmanpigeon almost priceless. True good
partnerships, effective breeding programs and low-cost we will en can breed pure Koopman pigeons  of high quality but also low prices.  

Growing online catalog
In our online catalog, all available breeding couples described in detail. So you can, through photos, pedigrees and backgrounds  study each pigeon. Also you can find the prices quoted off t
he youngsters by each couples. Click here for our online catalog

Satisfaction Guarantee
The entire application process is free and without obligation and no commitment until you have paid you pigeons. Payment is done only upon delivery to us and we also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that until 6 months after purchase the pigeons, without reason may redeem for another pigeon. We only want happy customers and positive because that is our best advertisement.
We therefore offer all our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Pigeons Order
If after viewing our online catalog your want to order one or more couples off youngsters, Then you can order that the easiestby sending an email to with info@koopmanduiven.nl in the subject title "
pigeons Order 'mention in your email als your full adres and foonnumber.